Is luxury vinyl flooring durable?

Luxury vinyl products, such as luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile, are considered durable. Capable of withstanding a high amount of foot traffic, both LVT and LVP does, however, require specific considerations to ensure their long life. Although choosing a quality brand will usually assure many years of usage, as this will significantly impact the lifespan of your floors, it is essential to take into account the following points.

Does vinyl require unique treatments?

Quality vinyl floors do not usually require additional surface treatments, as they're often built-in. This provides the installation with extra protection, making it resistant to stains or scratches. Furthermore, vinyl floors are typically manufactured with stable, rigid cores, thus limiting the likelihood of contraction or expansion. This will significantly minimize warping from temperature changes, which won't affect the overall construction. The surface coating, therefore, will not suffer any alterations or damage.  

Is luxury vinyl water-resistant?

Another factor that makes vinyl floors so durable is their water resistance. A PVC composition ensures waterproof capabilities, so long as the material is installed by an industry professional. Indeed, this is an important step that cannot be skipped, as your floors may up prematurely damaged otherwise. Planks usually have a 'click' installation method, which assures they're installed correctly, while tiles may or may not need grout for seams. When planks or tiles are installed according to the manufacturer's instructions, they can withstand highly humid or moist environments, like the bathroom and kitchen.

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