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The benefits of stair runners, carpet runners, and carpet stair treads

If you have a staircase in your home, then your household can greatly benefit from installing stair runners, carpet runners, or carpet stair treads for many reasons. From beautifying your space to protecting your household members, the addition of carpeting is not only a great idea but also highly recommended.

Beautify your home

Add a touch or heavy dose of style with carpet stair treads, carpet runners, or stair runners. With such a vast selection of fiber colors, designs, piles, and patterns, there’s nearly no end to redesigning your look. Make your surfaces the focal point of your home or opt for a style that blends in with the rest of your space.

Protect your wood

Runners protect your stairs, preventing the wood underneath from wearing down, scuffing or scratches. With daily use, your stairs inevitably show aging over time. However, this can be easily avoided by installing a runner down the staircase.

Add a cozy appeal

Carpet treads also add a layer of cushioned comfort to hard stairs, providing padding for feet as they climb up and walk down. Additionally, not only will the fibers provide extra warmth in cooler temperatures, but also a cozy, more welcoming appeal that’s impossible to resist.

Better security for your family

When it comes to your family’s safety, there is no denying carpet runners increase your home's security, greatly decreasing slippage. Seniors, young children, and individuals with reduced mobility will especially benefit from these added safety measures. Offering better maneuverability and footing, fiber treads also provide a softer landing site should someone accidentally fall.

Sound insulation

Normally, with the use of stairs, especially older, creaky ones, there’s a lot of noise involved when ascending and descending. Of course, the older the house, the squeakier things get, often producing annoying noises. Runners offer a means of dampening noises between floors and rooms with excellent sound insulation qualities.

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