You want your home to be warm and inviting for years to come. One of the most important parts of creating a welcoming environment is your choice of flooring. For many families, that means choosing between laminate or hardwood flooring. Both types of flooring have their own advantages and disadvantages. We here at JP Flooring want to help you make an informed decision based on cost, use, durability, cleaning, installation, and other features.

  1. Cost – The cost of flooring can range wildly, even between laminate and hardwood flooring options. Typically, laminate is on the cheaper side and hardwood is more expensive. Since laminate is made of a mixture of materials and hardwood is not, that’s where the cost difference lies.
  2. Durability – You want to pick a flooring that lasts and doesn’t require too much extra work. Laminate has good scratch resistance, but many experts say it only keeps its quality for ten years. Hardwood flooring is in danger of scratches, especially from pets, but it can be refinished many times to combat that. Hardwood can also show areas of high traffic over time.
  3. Cleaning – Keeping your home clean is critical. You don’t want a flooring that requires hours of extra work each week. For laminate flooring, you can easily clean with soap and water, just don’t let water stand for long periods of time. For hardwood flooring, you must be careful which cleaners you use, and regularly treat with oil.
  4. Installation – If you’re looking to install your own flooring, you’re probably looking for something quick and easy. Many professionals rate laminate as an easy installation, which is better for a DIY project. Hardwood requires more steps and is considered a harder installation, better left to a professional for ensured quality.
  5. Location – If you are trying to decide where to install your new flooring, you want to consider the amount of traffic in different areas of your home. Laminate is great for high traffic areas like offices, bedrooms, and living rooms. It can even be used in kitchens and bathrooms but requires extra precautions. Hardwood is not recommended in bathrooms or areas with lots of traffic, as wear can become clear over time.

Whatever type of flooring you choose, trust the experts at JP Flooring with all your home’s needs. Our dedicated team of professionals is ready to help, so call today!