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Design possibilities are endless with carpet tiles

Carpet tiles, or carpet squares, are an alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting. While many shapes and sizes are available, most tiles are one of the following sizes: 48x48, 50x50, 60x60, and 96x96 cm. You can find carpet in Carroll, Iowa, at locally-owned J.P. Flooring, including a wide selection of carpet tiles. Take advantage of all the design possibilities created when using high-quality brands from top companies like Karndean and Mohawk.

Easy to remove

Carpet tile flooring is as easy to remove as it is to install. Therefore, it is ideal for apartment dwellers or homeowners who like to change room decor from time to time. Loose lay tiles, designed for glueless installation, can be placed on the floor temporarily if desired.


Carpet tiles must be installed on a clean and level subfloor. Adhesive can be sprayed on the tiles or the floor, but not both. If too much adhesive is used, it may be impossible to remove the flooring in the future. Double-sided tape is another option. Or choose a peel and stick brand.


There is one big difference between the two types of carpet flooring. Padding is placed under wall-to-wall carpeting, but it is not recommended for carpet tiles. However, tiles that have cushion backing are available. The padding absorbs footstep impact, and it provides cushioning.


Carpet tiles usually fall into the heavy-duty carpet flooring category. This means that tiles are designed to stand up to heavy foot traffic. Therefore, you can expect carpet tiles to have about the same lifespan as wall-to-wall carpeting. High-quality brands can last at least a decade.


Since carpet tiles usually have an impervious backing, they are easy to care for. Spills don't seep through, so they tend to remain on the surface where they can be removed from the fibers. Routine vacuuming and occasional deep cleaning ensure a clean carpet.

Carpet tile installation can be challenging and J.P. Flooring can do it for you. Our installation team travels to many communities in western Iowa, including Carroll, IA, Denison, IA, Jefferson, IA, Rockwell City, IA, and Sac City, IA. Online tools, including our catalog, chat service, and 'see our products in your space' visualizer, can help you organize your carpet upgrade. Then schedule a meeting with a project specialist by returning the online form to see all the carpet tile options available.