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What to know when considering tile

Not all tiles are equal but really they're basically the same when it comes to construction. It's the small differences we have to consider when shopping for tile. Tiles are a combination of clay, minerals, and solvents that are sized, shaped and then heated to a very high temperature. Once heated the tile is basically finished. Without a glaze, tile is very porous and without decoration - which is attractive for a more rustic appearance. Non-glazed tile is not a good idea in areas where spills might be common, such as the kitchen.

Why choose tile?

The most obvious reason is... it looks great and is a desirable surface! It's strong, colorful, vibrant, resistant to fire, and doesn't conduct heat or electricity. It's easy to clean and doesn't absorb odors or swell or contract in extreme temperatures. However, if you're thinking of using tile outdoors, be sure to look for a weatherproof option. Tile can be manufactured all over the world and in an endless variety of colors and styles.

Whether you're considering a new kitchen backsplash, counter, or shower - stop in and take a look at our wide selection of tile options. Our consultation process will allow us to identify the correct tile for your application.